Sun Umbrella Brace is designed to vertically secure a sun umbrella to varying anchoring devices to provide desired shade. This system eliminates the need to hold an umbrella when at a sporting event or other recreational activity. The umbrella can be secured to nearby items, such as chairs, bleachers, coolers, strollers, and other devices. This support system is ideal for those who want sun protection, but do not wish to tediously hold an umbrella. Using a chair leg, bleacher railing, stroller handle, or other anchoring devices can allow users to enjoy continuous shade hands-free.

Sun Umbrella Brace is a lightweight, portable device used to effectively secure a sun umbrella to various objects.

Many people take pleasure in attending outdoor recreational activities. Fans enjoy sitting outdoors and watching football games, baseball games, swim meets, and other events. The direct sunlight can cause discomfort for some and it can also be harmful to the skin. Having an umbrella on hand to provide shade is often necessary. However, it can be an inconvenience to hold the umbrella throughout the day. Current methods that are designed to support the umbrella are ineffective and unsuccessful. A more efficient means of anchoring the umbrella would help to provide comfort and shade to many individuals.